Balkan beaches -Top 8 most beautiful beaches on the Balkan

Balkan Peninsula is one of the most underrated area of Europe. Croatia is the most popular place and most of the tourists go there. But there is so many other places to go. As a person that have been travel around the Balkan i was able to witness some of the most wonderful beaches in Europe. I made a list of 8 , just small part of big list of places that you should visit if you search for non spoiled , untouched nature and beautiful beaches.

Mesecev Zaliv Slovenia ( Moon Bay Slovenia)

Slovenia with her small coast obviously not getting enough attention from the tourists. Mesecev Zaliv is a breathtaking beach and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Located near city of Strunjan somewhere between Izola and famous Portoroz. This beach is mainly attended by local people and not that much tourists which is one of the great thing for me personally. What make this beach more interesting is that only way to access is by foot. Hiking through the Strunjan National Park and getting down to the beach is something that will stay forever in your mind…Like in my case 🙂

Mesecev zaliv beaches

2. Krapets Beaches, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is another destination that is not complitely discover by the tourists. What is known for the most people around the world is places like Nesebar, Varna, Burgas, Zlatni Pesoci ( golden sands). Krapets is one of the less known beaches on the Black Sea coast. I visit this place back in 2009. What i like is less noise and bit more natural beauty than most of the places i mention above. Located not far from Varna airport ( 90km) and access with the car give you a commodity to get there fast and easy.

Krapets is a true refuge known for its rolling sand dunes and wild nature reserves. Visit on a day trip from one of the southern resorts, or stay for a few days lounging on the beach, eating the divine local fish soup, and exploring the nearby lakes from one of the village’s cozy villas.

beaches of krapets

3.Vlore beaches Albania

Vlore is popular amongs the locals and mainly people from the Balkan area. Recently more and more people from Europe come to see this wonderful city and beautiful beaches that Vlore have .

Long known for its olive production, Vlorë is home to many significant historic sites, including the Albanian Independence Proclamation Building (where Albania declared independence in 1912), Flag Square, Ethnographic Museum, Historic Museum, and the Mosque of Muradie. Near Vlorë is Albanian’s largest island of Sazan, a former military facility with secret bunkers and tunnels designed to withstand nuclear attack, which opened its secluded beaches and sites to the public in 2015

vlora beaches

4. Lubenice beaches Croatia

Of course making a list about Balkan beaches without putting Croatia in is not possible. From all this popular places like Dubrovnik,Split,Makarska,Hvar,Zrce,Vis,Pula and many more i choose one real beauty….Lubenice beaches.

Nestled in a cave near the village Lubenice on the Cres island this amazing white sand beach will amaze you. Maybe you never heard of it but once Lubenice beaches were listed by Bild in best 15 most wonderful beaches in Europe. What make me admiring this beach is the surrounding and the quite and peace place that offer. Away from all touristic focus and fantastic view on your way to get there make this beach one of my favorites.

lubenice beaches croatia

5.Vadu beaches Romania

Black sea coast of Romania also hide some gems. Constanza as one of the most famous resort cities in Romania by default is most crowded. Vadu beach is what i suggest for all of you that never been to Romania.

Reaching Vadu is like traveling back in time, going from today, to passing communist ruins, to leaving paved roads, and finally, ending the journey with a sandy amble to the waterfront. Here, the sea is extremely clean — especially considering it’s so undeveloped there are no formal facilities — and the sand stretches smoothly into the water.

vadu beaches

6.Trpejca beach Ohrid- Macedonia

All other beaches on this list are sea beaches but as a Macedonian i feel like i must promote one of the most beautiful beaches that we have- Trpejca. Dubbed as a Macedonian Saint Tropez , village of Trpejca will fascinate you with the tranquility and the view. Located away from the city and noise this small village beach offer some wonderful time and very clean water. For those who want to enjoy in nice idila can truly enjoy in this wonderful place. Some of the popular historical sites are also near , St Naum is not far from the beach and Bay of Bones another interesting ancient site is also very near.

Trpejca beaches Ohrid

7.Przno Beaches Montenegro

Monetenegro have plenty of fascinating beaches. Main touristic spots are Budva, Kotor, St . Stefan. Bar is also place where many people mainly from the balkan goes.Przno beach (Pržno plaža) is a small gravel beach. It is located in a former fishing village. Many boats are still moored here. There are beach bar, restaurant and renting of sun loungers. It is very convenient to get Sveti-Stefan by boat from this place.  Its cheaper to stay here than to stay in Budva and you can enjoy in Przno beaches which is beautiful and less crowded. Przno beaches are also very popular on Tripadvisor and in one point was rank as a second best beach in the region.

Przno beaches montenegro

8.Neum beaches Bosnia and Hercegovina

Most of people even don`t know that Bosnia and Hercegovina have an access to the Adriatic sea. Only city on the Bosnian coast is Neum. 20 km long coast with plenty unknow for most of the people beaches. In the city with a bit under 5 000 people population have few big hotels and several small accommodation places that offer cheaper stay on the Adriatic sea than the neighboring country of Croatia. The sandy beaches that Neum posses are real deal for all of us who seek for new destination. For us who want to be on a place that is not overcrowded by tourists. Of course there is a people coming to Neum but its still less than Croatia coast.

neum beaches