Going to Caribbean and to not visit this magic small island who has one of the most beautiful women on the planet ( this was for the guys mainly πŸ™‚ ) and with amazing places for scuba diving is really bad. So during my visit in this area of the world i decide to stop by there in Aruba.Aruba, a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, has dry, sunny weather, blond beaches and gentle surf. Constant trade winds keep things cool and cause the divi-divi trees to slope southwesterly. European influence shows in both its architecture, in which Dutch gables mingle with tropical pastels, and language, with English, Dutch and Spanish spoken alongside the local tongue, Papiamento. Like every island in Carribean Aruba also is famous for all inclusive resorts who offer all kind of activities depend from what you looking for, from honeymoon resorts for romantic vacation to proffesional scuba diving courses and snorkeling around the beautiful reefs.

Many things in this layback island are different than rest of the world,Β road signs in Aruba are different from those in the US. Familiarize yourself with traffic rules and signs before driving. Roads are very slick after a rain; drive cautiously. For off-road adventure, consider renting a car with 4-wheel drive or a jeep.

To change florins to US dollars, divide florin amount in half and add 10%. This formula will be especially useful when shopping in supermarkets.Exchange rate for US dollars is awg 1.77 for cash and awg 1.78 for travelers checks. (awg 1.75 at supermarkets and gas stations / awg 1.80 at shops and restaurants)All major credit cards and travelers checks are accepted.Some shops will not accept US $ 50 or US $ 100 due to worldwide counterfeiting.

Public transport is organize well. Of course sometime maybe not on time but still is good and effective .There is daily bus service all along the hotel strip. Fare is US $ 2.30.There is bus service every 15 minutes from 5:45 am until 6 pm; buses then run every 40 minutes until 11:30 pm.The central bus station in downtown Oranjestad is located across the road from the cruise terminal next to Royal Plaza.

If you coming to Aruba you can enjoy in many things, from playing golf on some very good fields through enjoying in family vacation activities , dining in a fine restaurants offering mixed food from spanish, dutch and carribean kitchen. Aruba is honeymoon and romantic vacation gateway. Many western couples coming to this island. International airport is connected with all destinations in the world, for those who coming from Europe , Hollands company Jet Air Fly has one of the best deals to Aruba also you can purchase some package including flights and accommodation for some reasonable price.

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