About Me

Since a little kid a was fascinate by some amazing travel destinations.Since than i promise my self that i will travel to all those amazing travel destinations. Well some time pass since than and i have been to some of those amazing places but still lot more left to be visit.Traveling is the passion and way of living. Different person has a different views on the same destination. I present some of my personal views on the places where i have been. As a traveler i love to read and i share sometime some of the stories of my fellow travelers. Its pleasure to travel and see all this amazing places and is a huge privilege to experience this. My  Amazing Travel is a story that will never ever have an end since i am keen to travel and share my experience with all of you.

Personally have been to 24 countries and lived in 3 ( South Africa, Israel.Switzerland) and when i include my born country Macedonia that make 4. Ive been traveling on 3 different continents ( Africa, Asia, Europe) and bring lot of good memories from all these places. Although some not so good moments as well , but thats a travel as is 🙂 Most of the time i was traveling because of my other hobby- music. As a dj i have a chance to play on some really amazing travel destinations. The only way to remember all those images is to captured on a photo.

Enjoy my blog and let me know what you really think about. Im here to hear all your stories and inspire my self for more traveling. Im here also to inspire you to visit some of this amazing travel destinations. My mission is to see most of this amazing world and to present this to all of you .

So Happy Travels folks