Adventure tours around the world

Adventure tours as a form of tourism is more and more popular.Many people look for nice and comfort place to spend their holiday. Some other people search for something special, something not ordinary- They seek for adventure. Im one of the people who seek some adventure and challenge. My huge passion is hiking , climbing and exploring new places.In this article i will write several destination where you can truly enjoy. From Iceland to Hawaii here we will present some of the most adventures places on Earth . Sit back and enjoy reading might inspire you to travel to some of those places.


During a recent lava boat tour along Puna’s southeastern coast, I heard a man named Gerry speak to her directly like he was talking to a real person. “Come on, Pele, give us a show,” Gerry pleaded. “We’ll give you gin …flowers …cigarettes … anything you want!” Gerry Rant and “Captain Fab” were in charge of the Lava Wolf, a 7-passenger lava-hunting motorboat.

We were embarking on a 2-1/2 hour sunset adventure seeking live lava pouring explosively into the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t get the jaw-dropping spectacle I anticipated, but I came away with an appreciation for something more profound.

The ride out from the boat launch at Isaac Hale Beach Park was choppy, yet scenic and exciting. The sunlight was golden, the sea was a glistening aquamarine color, and a mini rainbow appeared on the horizon — a colorful spectrum shooting up from the intersection of sky and sea. I sucked in a quick, audible breath. Something about rainbows .

adventure tour hawaii


Little walk around Greenland can be fun and amazing.HUGE icebergs beautiful polar light. Life doesn’t get better than this. above the Arctic circle it is just amazing. What an adventurous day! You feel totally connected with the elements and you re connect with nature, feeling humble! Many groups there organize some kind of hikes all around this frozen piece of land. Temperature are way below zero but still the scenery is stunning!


Opt for a personalised tour by super jeep, the fat-wheeled vehicles that are the transport of choice across Iceland’s volcano-pitted landscape. As you leave Reykjavík and cross the wind-buffeted plains and fast-flowing rivers, navigate off-road towards Þingvellir National Park. Here, Lake Þingvallavatn lies directly over the separating American and Eurasian plates, ready to be explored by intrepid scuba divers.Take a deep breath, steady your nerves and plunge down the the water-filled fault line at Silfra. Once acclimatised to the utterly surreal visibility delve deeper to the lake bed, stretching out your arms to become a living link between America and Europe.

Next stop should be the the confection of lava tunnels known as the Gjabakkahellir lava caves, in some places stacked three deep and as much as a kilometre long.

There’s one place in Iceland where the adventurer and the city explorer meet, and that’s its most famous tourist attraction, near to Reykjavík, and an apt end point on the Golden Circle tour – the Blue Lagoon. Here Icelanders have created a cool environment in a cold climate, a world-class natural spa on a lunar landscape.

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Interesting driving excursion which will bring you at the very heart of frozen Lake Baikal. Exploration of the ice caves and grottos at the north of Olkhon Island and stunning rocky cliffs surrounded by white silence of wintry Baikal’s endless spaces will definately impress you! During this journey you will see the most spectacular and amazing sights of Baikal Lake just in a few days! Also you will get acquainted with the local lifestyle and culture of Baikal native people.

Also trekking around the Siberia is great, you need just to find the right time and right guide and you will truly enjoy in the adventure

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Hiking along several known and dramatic fjords but off the beaten track. Hikes on islands along the Atlantic coast with white beaches and high seacliffs. Cultural visits, meeting the locals, habits and traditions. Handpicked nice hotels with that little extra local scent. A roundtrip from the coast to high alpine glacier terrain and dramatic fjords in between. During this trip you will taste some very good locally produced food. Since we travel from the coast, along the fjords, into the higher mountains and glaciers, it is logical the menu varies according to the places we visit. From seafood to deer, lamb and much more which grows locally. Hiking in the fjords gives not only this special view and background but also makes travelling exciting. Often you will be on board on a ferry or boat crossing a fjord, providing a different perspective.

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Escape to the northern islands of Mauritius and discover your own tropical haven for a day. Lay out on the beach and sunbathe, snorkel in the warm turquoise waters, or just enjoy a leisurely swim as the hours pass by. An indulgent barbecue on board refuels you for the sail back to the mainland.

Board La Pacha, your vessel for the day, and sail north from Grand Bay, past the natural reef and into the ocean. As Gabriel Island and neighboring Flat Island emerge like mirages on the horizon, admire the vibrant colors of green oases against the deep blues of sea and sky. Drop anchor and dive in, refreshing yourself in the cool waters.

The snorkeling here is excellent; wonder at the colorful reef fish and explore the nooks and crannies around the rocks that make furtive hiding places for marine life. Climb back aboard as the smell of barbecue entices you. Feast on a substantial selection, enjoying complimentary beer, wine, and soft drinks.

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