Accommodation experience- Staying in Hotels vs Staying with locals

One of the most important things in every travel plan is accommodation . Sometime even price of the accommodation is bigger than the flight ticket and also sometime is not o easy to find proper available accommodation.But what i really want to write about in this article is what you lovely people and travelers from around the globe prefer- Hotel or Locals .

I will bring some light on this subject from my own point of view. Ive done both ways including volunteering as well.On  the beginning of my travels i will mainly do camping or stay with friends. With camping is always easy cause you can stop where ever you want and spend the night.

Free Accommodation – Couchsurfing

My first experience was in Romania . There for a first time i saw person hosting couchsurfers. When i got back to my house in Macedonia i decide to do the same. Its great to stay for free in someone house and have some cultural exchange. I was regularly doing that till i didnt went to South Africa in 2010.  I host over 150 people in 3 years , many cultures many characters that you can not found in a hotel.

Free accommodation – WOOFING, WORKAWAY

In 2011 i was introduce to woofing. I kinda like the fact that you can stay like on Couchsurfing plus you get free food plus you stay longer time . And you help around and get also some cultural exchange with your host. I spend 2 months in Zurich and was really a nice experience. Im still a friend with the same person , the host.

2015 i start with Workaway and i was able to travel to Israel and Malta with this. Stay and hangaround with people in hostels and helping there. My opinion for this program is that is better than Woofing cause offer you more options and you pay once for whole world , not like woofing separate for every country.

Hostels and Hotels accommodation

If you prefer more to have accommodation in Hotels and Hostels than i would suggest you to use  for finding the best accommodation for you. I have use many times and somehow prefer more hostels than hotels. In the hostels you have more opportunity to mix with other travelers and to make other contacts and more friends. In hotels is more if you love to enjoy in the comfort and not to be bother by others.

Now depend from your budget if you decide to stay in 4 or 5 star hotel where you will enjoy in the luxury or you want less expensive 3 star hotel where you can have privacy but less luxury.

AIRBNB accommodation

Airbnb is something that i come across in 2015 during my stay in Tel Aviv. Since than i decide to become a member and list my house in Veles. Since than i receive plenty of guests and have a wonderful moments with all of them. For me having contact with locals and sleep like in a hotel is fantastic. Plus you pay less than hostel even. I am truly enjoy in the travels on airbnb.