7 Digital Nomad location that you MUST visit in 2018

Digital Nomads becoming more and more popular and more people decide to give up from their jobs and start a digital nomad job and travel around. We made a list of 7 cities that you should visit this year if you are one of the digital nomads wondering around.This cities offer best conditions for one person to start with digital nomad job.

1.Quito, Ecuador

Yeah, Ecuador. Built on the ruins of an Incan city, Quito is cheap, affordable, and budget friendly all rolled into one. Beers cost $1, housing is in the low triple digits, monthly, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re in a similar time zone to most of the US.

Oh yeah, and Ecuador uses US currency, so if you’re an American freelancer looking for a change of pace without a lot of hassle, Ecuador is for you. Plus, Atacames, with the longest left breaking wave in the world, is just a few hours away if you need a break from the “office” for the weekend.

nomad city Quito

2.Buenos Aires Argentina

Aside from this city being known for it’s architecture, meats and love for books, Buenos Aires has so much to offer in terms of sight seeing, successfully working as a digital nomad and meeting some of the most interesting people along the way. As our time here winds down, the tribe has been able to experience so many things and we definitely wanted to share some great insight for the future traveler to this great location. While there are ATMs on almost every corner, keep in mind the fees that are associated. Even if your bank that does not charge international transaction fees, there’s still a ARS $94.00 ATM fee per transaction at virtually any bank ($6 USD). And, with a ARS $2000/day limit ($130 USD), use cash only when you HAVE to, and a card everywhere else to cut down on fees.

Every corner of BA has an interesting and unique feel. Whether you stay in Palermo, Recoleta or San Telmo, you’re bound to see some colorful streets and impressive scenery

nomad place Argentina

3.Lisbon Portugal

Once one of the more underrated and less visited cities in Western Europe, Lisbon is finally getting the attention it has long deserved. Built on seven hills overlooking the Atlantic, the red tile rooftops; hilly, cobblestoned streets; and traditional Fado music are guaranteed to charm anyone who steps foot in Portugal’s capital city.

Wifi Situation: Like many other cities around the world, Wifi is everywhere in Lisbon. But…the connection here is unfortunately not so great (just 13mbps).

Entertainment: Being one of the oldest cities in the world, much of the entertainment in Lisbon revolves around its history (visiting museums, ancient castles, monasteries and the like). You can also hit up the flea market or sunbathe on one of the city’s many beautiful beaches. Or meander through the narrow streets and admire the colorful buildings and street art that surround you.

Weather: With 2,799 hours of sunshine per year, Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. Winters are mild, with temperatures never getting below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or zero degrees Celsius). Summers are warm and dry.

Getting Around: Like San Francisco, Lisbon is known for its tram system. There’s also a metro system and buses to get around. Buy a Via Vagem or 7 Colinas pre-paid card from one of the ticketing offices, which can be used on the buses, trams, ferryboats and metro.

Cost of Living: Lisbon is definitely one of the least expensive cities in all of Western Europe, which helps explain why it’s a digital nomad hub. NomadList has the average cost of living for digital nomads at $1,497 per month. No, it’s not Thailand. But still pretty darn cheap by Western European standards.

nomad portugal

4.Davao Digital Nomad paradise

Davao in the Philippines is known as an outsourcing paradise. Many freelancers, expats, and nomads are based here because of the low cost of living, good internet, and friendly locals. English is commonly spoken, which makes living very easy. The beautiful beaches are also a great benefit. Philippines are known for the great weather and cheap prices. Also great thing about been digital nomad there is so many islands to take picture or write about it.

davao nomad

5. Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is backpackers’ paradise, all the hostels, clubs, bars, and culture. This is what makes Ho Chi Minh a good digital nomad city. Think about it, what backpackers need, digital nomads need—Wi-Fi, entertainment, and a shit ton of coffee. The place is essentially set up for us!

The social life for expats here is pretty sick. Various bars and clubs serve great food and booze. Some even have live music, and you can choose between fancier nightclubs to more casual pubs.

The weather in Vietnam is usually either wet or dry, so if you’re thinking of moving in you should fly in around February until April, when the country experiences the least rainfall. But hey, rainy season means lodging prices drop by a mile!.



Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s financial hub, tops the list of best spots for digital workers. After you’ve taken a walk through the J​ohor Zoo and strolled Danga Ba​y, you’ll find that the price of a dozen eggs is $1.

Many digital nomad choose Johor Bahru because of the ​​, an easy access point for entrepreneurs doing business in Singapore. With 58¢ cappuccinos and 87¢ pints of beer, you’ll come for the prices but stay for the friendly locals and great weather. Also Malaysia is a great location to explore and make some great materials for your blogs .

johor nomad


Located in western Asia, Armenia is one of the world’s oldest inhabited places. Due to a recent economic upturn in Yerevan, the streets are now filled with restaurants and cafes that are perfect for working remotely.

Pour yourself a bottle of $4 Armenian pomegranate wine and snack on Ararat Valley apricots as you discover a stunning city rich with UNESCO Heritage Sites. Armenia is one of the most beautiful in Europe lot of fantastic mountains and outstanding landscapes. Also Armenia is a place of rich history and culture, lot of monasteries and churches.

Yerevan nomad