5 things to do in St Gallen Switzerland

First when i got to this amazing Alps country i knew that is rich with beauty but haven’t clue what St Gallen have to offer. Located near the Bordensee lake literally across the Friedrichshafen in Germany. My St Gallen visit was part of a tour around that part of Europe . Got a bus from Germany to St Gallen and pass through some amazing landscapes.

St. Gallen is a city south of Lake Constance (Bodensee), in northeastern Switzerland. It’s home to the Abbey of St. Gall, a monastery of various architectural styles including baroque. The complex includes a library with a rich collection of ancient books, and a twin-towered cathedral. Nearby, the Textile Museum details this important local trade. Many buildings in the old town have decorative bay windows.

St Gallen church

How to get to St Gallen

One of the ways i already mention, a bus from Friedrichshafen to St Gallen.In fact i use WizzAir flight from Skopje to Friedrichshafen than bus to Lindau and from there to St Gallen i use FlixBus . Thats the cheapest way to get to St Gallen. Also you can use a trains from Germany to there or from Austria or Switzerland. Also you can use Friedrichshafen to St Gallen ferry and than local bus.

Things to do in St Gallen

As i write in the tittle i will tell you 5 fun things to do in St Gallen.


We were told this was a must see in St Gallen, and that is certainly quite true. It was small and encompasses only one room, but it is chocked full of things to look at. Well worth a visit. A small museum done well. I would recommend getting the audio guide. We did not, and the docent standing watch in the library when we were in there did not speak English, so we missed out on much of the back story. Most signs were in both English and German, but there was so much more we could have heard about since many items just had an audio guide number.

st gallen old


St Gallen has a convivial historic core that is easy to navigate as there’s no road traffic.Something that distinguishes the old town are the ornate oriels (bay windows) on the facades of old houses.There are 111 oriels in all to look out for on these streets, many of which are expertly carved and painted and belonged to textile merchants in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The best places to find them are on the bustling Marktgasse, Schmiedgasse, Spisergasse and Kugelgasse.

On the eastern end of Marktplatz you’ll happen upon the Waaghaus, a 16th-century hall for weighing, declaring and storing goods.This is easily spotted for its crow-stepped gable is now a place for exhibitions and concerts.


Sebastian Zier and Moses Ceylan head up this Michelin-starred restaurant, elevating French cuisine with outstanding ingredients, originality and presentation panache. Courses are listed in the modern, ingredient-driven way – duck liver, salmon and sorrel, say, could be followed by monkfish with bell pepper, sepia, garlic and cuttlefish. Dine in chandelier-lit, beam-vaulted surrounds with views across the Old Town rooftops.


Drei Linden” (three linden trees) is the most popular local recreation area of St.Gallen. An other common name for this place is “three ponds”, because several artificial ponds are located here. These ponds are beautiful for swimming in the summertime and in December it is a recreative experience to walk around the small lakes.

st gallen park


One cannot say Switzerland without thinking about hiking and all its glory. And St. Gallen Canton isn’t any different from any other Cantons in Switzerland. So make sure to pack your hiking shoes, as the Wildpark Peter and Paul in St. Gallen awaits you with some pretty amazing trekking paths and local animal-spotting.

The wild-life in St. Gallen’s Wildpark is diverse and fascinating, including species such as the ibex, chamois, lynx, wildcat, deer, wild boar and many other. The park is set in a prealpine landscape that is bound to offer you fascinating views on various hiking paths.

Accommodation in St Gallen

Switzerland is not so cheap country so its not so easy to find a affordable accommodation. There is a plenty of hotels , guesthouses and hostels around the city. We choose to stay a bit outside of the city in a private house via airbnb. Prices of the accommodation goes from 25 euro up to 200 euro a day.

We were lucky to find a good spot outside of St Gallen for 35 euro private room. Public transport is organized well so even if you are outside of the city still you can rich any point when ever you need.

st gallen house