Athens like you never seen before- 5 underrated places to go in Athens

Greek capital and city with huge history and tradition Athens attract millions of tourists per year.Many articles are written for this amazing city but this is mine suggestion what to do and see in Athens during your visit. I will not talk about Acropolis or Syntagma square or any other popular touristic place that we all know.

1.Spend a day in Omonia quarter

Omonia is situated in the downtown area of Athens but have a reputation of the not so save place. Reason why many of tourist guides will tell you to not go there during the night is because Omonia is a place where many of the anarchist live. But Omonia is also quarter in Athens where working artists and students live, place where working class live. This area have lot of nice small bars and several libraries. One of the i would say maybe the biggest one is not so far from buzzing Syntagma square. This library is i guess the biggest in Athens several stores high  and equip with lot of literature. Those who want to visit some art galleries there is many of them in Omonia . The best graffiti are actually made in Omonia. A bohemian district with lots of bars and clubs visited by students.

Omonia athens

2. Visit a Greek Taverna in Piraeus- Port of Athens

Beside the fact that Piraeus is the biggest port in Athens there is also lot of nice restaurants that serve nice sea food. Greek Tavernas are special with their atmosphere and music. If you like me you will probably head to sea food restaurant . Varoulko sits in a great spot in Mikrolimano Marina – the chef’s old neighbourhood. Watch the yachts glide by from the maritime-themed dining room which opens onto the water. Greek and Mediterranean dishes feature organic vegetables, Cretan olive oil and the freshest seafood; squid and octopus feature highly.

athens port piraeus

3.Relax on a beach in mondem Glyfada

Glyfada is a suburb in Athens. It is situated in the southern parts of the Athens’ Urban Area. The area stretches from the foot of the Hymettus mountain to the Saronic Gulf. It is the largest of Athens’ southern suburb.  Known as a place where rich are Glyfada  is a place in Athens where you can enjoy in various things. From visiting the Kaisariani Monestry via exploring the Peania cave Koutouki. Mountain is near so you can hike if you love this activity. View is breathtaking. Beaches are nice and water is quite clear. But Glyfada is also known for the 5 star clubs and restaurants yet another great activity.

athens glyfada

4.Visit Little Metropolis Church in Athens

Measuring just 25 feet by 40 feet and shadowed by the surrounding buildings, many tourists mistake the Church of St. Eleftherios as one of the many stabilized ruins standing in the ancient city.

But upon closer inspection, this odd church has a marvelously mashed-up history that dates back nearly a millennia and still remains largely unchanged since it’s construction.

Commonly called the “Little” Metropolis Church, purported dates of it’s creation vary widely with scholars arguing anywhere from the 8th century to the 15th. The reason for the confusion is due to the repurposed use of building materials, mostly marble blocks from non-Christian temples, that were cobbled together to build the church.

Assembled from older pagan temples from the area made sense at the time. Not only was it cheaper and more convenient, but it also removed the old heathen religious artifacts from public record. The patching together of previously used building material, called “spolia” is not uncommon for the ancient world, and the process of “baptizing” these pagan objects was simple: just carve a cross on it.

This practice of neutralization, known as “sphragis,” covers the Little Metropolis Church. Almost all of it’s blocks with images have little crosses carved in them despite depicting ancient Greek and Roman gods.

athens little mettropolis

5. Anafiotika tiny lovely neighborhood in Athens

Anafiotika is a scenic tiny neighborhood of Athens, part of the old historical neighborhood called Plaka. It lies in northerneast side of the Acropolis hill. The first houses were built in the era of Otto of Greece, when workers from the island of Anafi came to Athens in order to work as construction workers. This is one of the most wonderful and quite peaceful and having on mind the historical significance that this place have is really good to be visit and wonder around the narrow streets.

athens anafi

Those are just few of many hidden gems that Athens have. Not always main touristic location offer good moments. Small moments can make you happy, Athens always offer the best…