11 of the hidden beach in Europe that you don’t know about it

There is so many hidden beach out there in Europe that we have no idea about it. Many of them can be hide from the tourists just to not spoiled the beauty of them. We made a list of 11 best hidden beaches in Europe.

1. Praia de Ursa beach, Portugal

This seriously secluded spot is reserved for the very, very determined few – it’s not easily available by public transport, and even in the car you’ve got to scrabble at the end. But once you arrive you won’t have any other distractions than the warm sand between your toes and the cliffs on either side of this beautiful bay. The waves can be pretty rough, so do be cautious when taking a dip.

How to get there: The closest town is Sintra, served by Lisbon Airport, and the easiest way to get to Praia de Ursa is by car.

Where to stay near Praia de Ursa Praia de Ursa is pretty remote, so stay in Grand Villa Reale in Cascais. There’s plenty of restaurants and easy transport connections to Lisbon.

hidden beach Praia da Ursa

2. Cala de sa Forcanera, Spain

Not all secret beaches require several miles of hiking and a secret treasure map. In fact, Cala da Forcanera is an hour away from Barcelona and Girona, which makes it perfect for escaping the city. However, you will need a kayak to get there – access via land means traipsing through private property, which is why it’s usually deserted. After a day spent topping up the tan head to the town of Lloret de Mar for a seafood supper. And if you’re planning on spending any time in nearby Barcelona.

How to get there: Fly into Barcelona and access Cala de sa Forcanera by kayak from one of the other surrounding beaches on the Costa Brava. Nearby resort Blanes makes a good base.

Where to stay near Cala de sa Forcanera Alba Seleqtta in Lloret del Mar is the perfect place to stay, as you’ll have plenty more beaches on your doorstep.

hidden beach spain

3. Pentire Steps beach, UK

Have you heard of Bedruthan Steps? Probably. This is the more popular beach of the two in Cornwall, but for secret picnics and long, quiet afternoons, go to Pentire Steps, part of the same stunning National Park. Forming a scenic stretch of the Portcothan Bay Walk, why not combine it with a lengthy stroll – this is also a dog-friendly beach. Efforts will be rewarded with Flake 99s.

How to get there: Cornwall’s airport is found at surfing capital Newquay, just under 20 minutes drive along the coast from the National Trust site of Bedruthan. Follow the signs for Pentire Farm and park there, then take the narrow footpath down to the coast – wear proper walking shoes.

Where to stay near Pentire Steps The Windward in Newquay is a cute cosy hideaway for weekends on the beach.

hidden beach UK

4. Anamur beach, Iskele, Turkey

The lack of a main road and high rise resorts usually leaves this little hidden beach deserted. A favourite with Turkish locals on their holidays, if you decide to head to this corner of Europe for your beach holiday this summer, you’ll be staying in small, family-run hotels paying local prices for delicious Turkish food. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

How to get there: The nearest airport to Iskele is Antalya, some 160 miles away. Luckily, Iskele is connected to the big city by the D400, so it won’t be too hard to find Anamur if you’re renting a car on arrival.

Where to stay near Anamur The Guest House on the Aegean is a home away from home, with the addition of your own garden and terrace.

hidden beach turkey

5. Traigh Eais, the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Situated on the tiny Hebridean island of Barra, Traigh Eais beach doubles as Barra airport; obviously, you can only land when the tide is out. The airport beach would be a grand place to stretch out your towel, if it wasn’t for incoming aircraft, but walk just five minutes west to find a quieter stretch of Traigh Eais, and enjoy this secret gem in a bejewelled crown of Scottish beaches.

How to get there: You can get a direct flight to Barra with Flybe from Glasgow International, then rent a car to reach the beach.

Where to stay near Traigh Eais The Polochar Inn on Barra is an affordable, basic accommodation option for exploring the island.

hidden beach scotland

6. Reynisfara, Iceland

Who says beaches have to be golden or talcum powder white? Near the town of Vik in the south of Iceland, Reynisfjara is beautiful in black and blue, its sand decorated with the odd lump of ice from the Vatnajokull glacier. Which should tell you that the water might be a bit chilly for getting your tootsies wet, but it’s certainly a beautiful place to admire.

How to get there: Take a flight to Reykjavik and hire some wheels to explore Iceland’s incredible geography to the full. To get to Reynisfara beach, turn onto the 215 from Highway 1 and look out for black sand!

Where to stay near Reynisfara The Puffin Hotel is ideal whether you’re going solo or with a group. It’s in the village of Vik, close to Reynisfara.

hidden beach iceland

7. Liepaja, Latvia

You might not think about stripping off at the seaside in Latvia, but the Baltic coast is full of hidden gems and Liepaja, on the country’s west coast, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. This is where the Latvians go when they want white sand and sea and, until now, it’s been a (well-kept) secret beach – sorry locals, but we think you guys deserve to know about it too!

How to get there: Take a bus from Riga to Liepaja, or hire a car and drive into Latvia from the north of Lithuania.

Where to stay near Liepaja There’s a 5 star experience waiting for you in the Promenade Hotel, Liepaja. The sauna is welcome respite after a day in the cold water.

hidden beach Latvia

8. Isola Bella, Italy

A secluded beach on a private islet, you can’t really get much more ‘secret’ than that can you? Catch a boat from Sicily and spend the day snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing on one of the few undiscovered corners of Italy.

How to get there: Fly to Sicily‘s east coast airport at Catania. A popular way to get to the beach at Isola Bella is to join a day cruise from Taormina, although it’s also possible to walk across the causeway from Lido Mazzarò beach, depending on the tides.

Where to stay near Isola Bella Pick a bright yellow umbrella to perch under around Hotel Caparena’s pool. This plush pad has ocean views, Sicilian ceramics and local art all over the place.

9. Skagen, Denmark

Skagen headland, also known as the Scaw, is at the tip of one of the world’s largest spits, a 10,000 year-old stretch of sand that keeps on growing. Stand with your feet in two seas at the end of the spit – the Skagarak Sea and the Kattagat Sea – but it won’t be bikini weather, as average temperatures just about tip 19°C in Skagen at the height of summer.

How to get there: The nearest airport is just over an hour away in Aalborg, which does operate direct flights from London, although you may be more likely to find the really cheap flights in Copenhagen or even Gothenburg City Airport in neighbouring Sweden. Once you’re in Skagen, there’s a handy local tractor service from the Grenen parking lot which runs along the beach.

Where to stay near Skagen Opt for seaside chic in Hotel Plesner, just 10 minutes from the beach and Skagen’s old town.

danmark hidden beach

11. Dhermi, Albania

Not heard of the Albanian Riviera before? Well you should have! This stretch of the Adriatic coast has been widely-tipped to be ‘the next Croatia’ and Britis are bound to be flocking to its shores for a sunny beach holiday in the not too distant future. So get there before the rest! Although getting to Dhermi Beach involves a nerve-jangling drive over a mountain pass, you’ll appreciate it even more when you go for a paddle!

How to get there: Take a bus from Tirana (where you’ll also find Albania’s international airport) and make sure it’s going along the coastal road to Dhermi. The more reliable (and recommended) way is to hire a car.

Where to stay near Dhermi Sink into that new book in the leafy garden of the Yard Paradise Hotel in Dhermi, the beach is in walking distance and breakfast is included.

albania beach

11. Dune du Pyla, France

The Flanc Côté Ouest is the seaward side of the Dune du Pyla, a giant sand dune on Aquitane’s Atlantic coast near Bordeaux. The beach is hidden by a 108 metre-high wall of sand, so you have to climb up and roll down it to get there – great fun for you and the kids but perhaps go with caution, this is Europe’s largest sand dune after all! It’s some effort on a hot day, but you’ll be rewarded with this incredible stretch of sand all to yourself.

How to get there: Fly in to Bordeaux and Dune du Pyla is less than 40 miles away in the Arcachon Bay area. Once you’ve arrived in La Teste-de-Buch just look for the dunes and head in that direction, you can’t miss them!

Where to stay near Dune du Pyla Arc Hotel Sur Mer has a gym and spa for relaxing (if you don’t manage to chill out on Dune du Pyla…).

france beach