10 haunted hotels for a spooktacular Halloween break

Halloween is almost here and we slowly prepare to make the best experience out of it. There is so many interesting places where yo can go and enjoy in the real Halloween atmosphere. We search around Internet to find and make a list of 10 best places to visit for this day.

1. Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, USA

Regarded as one of America’s most haunted hotels, the Bourbon Orleans is said to be home to a number of ghosts, including a confederate soldier (find him on the third and sixth floors), a dancing woman (usually seen in the ballroom) and a nurse who worked in the building when it was a hospital for patients struck down by a yellow fever epidemic. Guests have also reported sightings of ghostly children running along the hotel corridors. There are regular ghost camps for those keen to connect with the hotel’s ghostly guests, and the property features on several of New Orleans’ ghost tours.

haloween orleans

2. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, UK

If the name isn’t enough to send shivers down your spine, the briefest of visits to this haunted fortress certainly will. With a torture chamber, dungeon and medieval courtyard, it’s hardly surprisingly the place is home to a ghost or two. The White Pantry ghost is thought to be the spirit of a victim of poisoning, and the chapel is home to the ghosts of two men often heard in deep discussion. Guests regularly report seeing mysterious orbs of light, and many claim to have been visited by ghostly versions of relatives and friends who died years ago

halloween castle

3.Latvia: Karostas Prison on the Baltic Coast.

This converted prison hotel was once a Nazi and Soviet military prison and has remained largely unchanged since its beginnings in Tsarist times. It’s just a 15 minute trip from Liepaja Airport and opens for five months of the year as a hotel.

Thousands of prisoners allegedly died on site, so it’s no wonder this unusual hotel is said to be home to plenty of paranormal activity. Brave guests must act as inmates, and the prison hosts a variety of events based on recorded history and experiences.

Many ‘inmates’ have reported light bulbs unscrewing and doors opening by themselves. Plus, staff will tell the story about the ghost of a woman who hanged herself and now wanders the corridors.

If you’re keen to go, you need to play your trip now for next spring as the hotel only opens for five months of the year, from 1st May until 30th Sept. Prices start from around £53 per night but, there are current deals available for next year from as little as £17 on the comparison website hotelscombined.

Guests have praised the helpful staff and great location of the prison which is just a 10 minutes drive from Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral.

halloween latvia


4.England: London at The Langham.

This chic luxurious five-star Victorian hotel is located just a stone’s throw from London’s sartorial shopping areas – such as Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

However, in Room 333, guests have sighted the ghost of a peculiar man sporting a different kind of style – Victorian evening wear. Weirdly, he seems to only appear during the month of October, making Halloween the prime time to catch this apparition.

Other sightings at this famous hotel include the ghost of former French Emperor Napoleon III, who is said to haunt the basement.

halloween london

5.Stanley Hotel Estes Park, Colorado

This hotel has earned itself a place on the map of America’s most haunted places after Stephen King’s memorable stay in room 417, which inspired The Shining. Eery things have happened to plenty of guests here, like finding their luggage unpacked, lights turning on and off, hearing children giggling and running down the halls during the night and music coming from the empty ballroom.

halloween hotel

6. Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Canada

A ghostly bellman is just one of the apparitions you’re likely to see if you check into this Canadian hotel. Some seriously spooky sightings have been reported, and we advise steering clear of room 873 if legends are to be believed. This castle-like hotel has several permanent residents, including the ghost of Sam McCauley, a former bellman who swore he’d return to haunt the hotel in his afterlife. Another is the ghost of a former bartender (although the fact that he’s apparently most likely to be spotted by those in the bar arouses some suspicion about the authenticity of sightings), and several members of staff report seeing a ghostly bride floating through the hotel – said to be the spirit of a woman who died at the hotel after falling down the stairs on her wedding night.

fairmont halloween

7.The Russell Hotel Sydney

One of the most longstanding hotels in Sydney’s historic Rocks district, The Russell offers first-hand experience of the building’s original occupants.

While the area itself is rich with tales of restless spirits thanks to the rum-induced murders and untimely deaths of the once hygienically challenged convict settlement, ghost chasers should head here for an overnight stay.

A former sailor’s hostel, the sandstone building is certainly no stranger to nefarious activity. Though the mischievous undertakings are still occurring today thanks to an extra guest who doesn’t appear on the register – an old sea-faring apparition.

Opting for solitude, guests have only ever spoken of seeing the same figure who is said to appear before them late at night. While staff report the sound of footsteps treading the creaky floorboards with no other plausible reason.


8. Pensione Burchianti- Florence

Charming and reasonably priced, Pensione Burchianti is a well-respected hotel in the heart of Florence. It also happens to be one of the most haunted throughout Europe.

Though the 17th century building boasts an alleged visit by Mussolini, it is the otherworldly residents that keep the locals talking.

With multiple sources claiming to see a pink, translucent figure in the Fresco Room, there are also sightings of a girl giggling in the halls, a maid that travels from room to room and an elderly woman sitting in a chair knitting. Others feel the sensation of being watched, their bed compressing as if someone is sitting on it and the feeling of icy cold breath in their face.
But while the hotel almost guarantees some kind of paranormal activity, things can ramp up so considerably that even the most steely-nerved guest can be left shaking.

halloween florence

9. Dragsholm Castle, Hørve, Denmark

Just looking at this foreboding hotel is enough to give us a serious case of the chills. It’s said to be haunted by over 100 ghosts, including the ghost of James Hepburn – the fourth Earl of Bothwell, and third husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Legend states that he was held prisoner at the castle, eventually starving to death. Then there’s the White Lady – a daughter of a former owner. This particular loved-up lady fell in love with a commoner, but was killed by her father when he found out about their love affair. On the plus side, the hotel’s regarded as one of the best in Denmark and there’s an award-winning restaurant.

haloween castle

10. RMS Queen Mary Long Beach, California

There is no doubt that this magnificent ship is haunted. From crew members roaming the engine rooms to children crying, the list of supernatural occurrences on board are long and creepy. The Queen Mary made its maiden voyage in 1936 before being used in World War II. It was decommissioned in 1967 but has seen at least one murder and several deaths, including that of a sailer killed by engine door #13 when it was closing during a drill. The ship is now a hotel and hosts ghost tours year-round.